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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Crown Conspiracy

Last week, we celebrated Dusshera followed by Bharat Milap and the festivity will continue to cheer us till Deepawali. While we celebrated the former to recollect the victory of good over evil, the very next day we celebrated the brotherly love between Shri Ram and Bharat that became immortal, it is said, that the occasion of Bharat Milap marks the comeback of Shri Ram where he reunited with his dear brother Bharat in Nandigram. Shri Ram's care and affection; Bharat's unquestioned devotion, such was the bond they shared that stands at the pinnacle of kinship. We are aware about Lakshmarn; his devotion towards Shri Ram, the sacrifices he made, his gallantry in the great war of Lanka in order to serve Shri Ram's purpose. But very less is known or said about Bharat and Shatrughan and their accomplishments. When Dashrath decided to crown Shri Ram as the prospective king of Ayodhya, Bharat and Shatrughan were in Kaikeya. This was seen as a conspiracy plotted by Dashrath to sideline Bharat as the latter was also considered eligible by some. Was it so, today we will try to unravel the actual reasons, if there were any. But first, let's get to know Bharat:
  • According to Valmiki Ramayan, Bharat was born to Dashrath and Kaikeyi. Unlike Shri Ram, he wasn't the complete incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, but carried an ansh/portion of his radiance.
  • An epitome of righteousness, when came to know about his mother's felony, Bharat condemned Kaikeyi for her selfishness and renounced the throne.
  • After he came back from Chitrakoot with Shri Ram's sandals(an episode to be discussed in one of my future posts), he placed those sandals in the king's seat and left for Nandigram(adjacent to Ayodhya) and administered the kingdom for the coming fourteen years, the same amount of time Shri Ram was on exile.
  • Not everyone knows that Bharat also decided to quit the royal clothing and lifestyle even before he met Shri Ram and that was the reason he stayed outside the kingdom, as these were the terms of exile being imposed on Shri Ram and so he decided to undergo similar conditions.
  • He was an acclaimed warrior and coversant in deploying divine weapons like his elder brother. In Uttar Kaand, Bharat attacked the kingdom of Gandharws, Gaandhaar(Kandahar of current day Afghanistan) where he annihilated the enormous army of Gandharws with the assault of a single weapon, The Samvart(a divine weapon that belonged to kaal, the lord of death). This very much elaborates his vigor.

Going through the above stated points, it is clear that Bharat never aspired the throne nor there would have been any animosity with regards to it. But then, there are people who have nurtured intense rage as to why such partiality with poor Bharat(really?), declaring it as the crown conspiracy.

'Don’t you think if Dashrath would have been patient and intimated Bharat about the coronation, then he would have lived, Ram with no hassles might be coronated. Why was he in such a hurry, did he sent Bharat on purpose?’ a friend of mine asked me once.

Dashrath only wished to promote Ram to yuvraj/crown prince not to coronate him as the king and that is why no one was intimated, not even Bharat. The coronation was planned after a particular time till Ram is accustomed for the kingship and there not only Bharat, but also Janak, other kings of Aryavart and non-aryan kings would have been intimated, it wasn’t a regular occasion you see.
However, Dashrath was also witnessing some very bad omens which were only visible to him or rather noticed by him only; those omens signified his sudden possible demise that would occur anytime. He sensed it and so rearranged the event and decided to coronate Ram instead of promoting him to yuvraj position. It was impossible to inform Bharat and Shatrughan in such a short span of time now. Even king Janak and other relatives were not informed as it wasn't viable.
Though Dashrath knew Bharat would understand as he was devoted to Ram, still, those omens scared him as they also indicated conflict of interest. The king read those omens right but sadly, doubted on the wrong person as he never imagined it would be Kaikeyi and why would he, as she was brainwashed by Manthara.
At the end, destiny made its move and circumstances took place as per those omens and Shri Ram was banished to the woods.
So this was it, we are through now. It is good to doubt to raise questions, contradictions are fine as only then we discover the causes, the answers; provided, they should come with a right spirit and will.
"Focus on your deeds and character, as your conduct will never go unnoticed no matter how hidden/low profile you are"

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