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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Evolution: Daughters of Daksha(contd.)

We will continue from where we left, understanding evolution, knowing The Dakshayanis:
  • Manu - Mother of humans. Gradually they were split in castes- Brahmmarns, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shoodras according to their deeds.
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  • Tamra - Gave birth to the five famous daughters’ viz., Kaunchi, Bhasi, Shyeni, Dhratrashtri and Shuki. These daughters gave birth to different species of birds.
  • Krodhvasha delivered ten daughters viz. Mragi, Mragmanda, Hari, Bhadramada, Matangi, Shardooli, Shweta, Surbhi, Sursa and Kadruka. These daughters gave birth to differen species of animals.
{Image Source: krishna.com}
  • Anala -  She gave birth to fruit bearing trees.
Manu; wait, what? We all know Manu right, but that was a MAN, son of Surya dev and the initiator of the legendary Suryavansh. Yes, but he is accredited for only Suryavansh. The rest of humanity begin from here, human castes including the kshatriyas were produced by this lady named Manu. Coincidentally the names were similar and that is why we are known as manavs. Moreover, a myth that's been blindly prevailed in the society shatters here; every human is equal, as we all come from one divine mother; Manu. I have said it earlier, it's our deeds that profiles us, not our birth. The caste system when made, worked without any exploitation and to maintain the balance, else no one is inferior or superior claiming his/her birth.

Things were looking believable and there came Tamra, Krodhvasha and Anala; how can they produce animals, birds and trees as their offspring. I quoted once "Divinity, you can either believe it or discard it, there ain't any midway". It has all got to do with GODLINESS; science of GOD and here our mere humanitarian logic doesn't works that too when we have not been able to understand the human mind/brain completely. Everyday is a new discovery for us; who would have thought a hundred years back of smartphones those are too regular today. Same is with what we say miracle, till science discovers it or rather understands/cognize it. There are end no. of things that are mystery to us whether it's Bermuda Triangle or Immortality of Ashwatthama.

Now we can see here that the devas, daityas and other beings were no different, they were recognized through their mothers' names like these mothers were known as Dakshaynis, daughters of Daksh. It were their deeds that put them on different paths. I have discussed this chapter a bit more elaborately in my upcoming book.

"Everyday a new discovery awaits us, we got to have an eye for that"


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Friday, March 11, 2016

Evolution: Daughters of Daksha

Mankind has always been curious to know about its inception/origin. No matter how much progress modern science has made, it still has gotta lot to find, a lot to learn and a lot to know. Even though science postulates to know a lot, but, it continues to disregard itself with Dharm and Vaidas calling it baseless and that's where it falls behind.
I say so as various Vaidic streams for instance, Ayurvaid has always been of significance. And this is the reason that in spite of plethora of theories viz. Darwin’s and others, we look forward to our legends for answers as to how it all started, irrespective to our beliefs and faith. 

Obviously we need to keep our minds rational while we seek knowledge from them as it is only when we question, only then we get the answers.

Talking about ancient legends; in India, creation story changes a bit with the sects, i.e. in the Vaishnav sect, Bhagwan Vishnu is the supreme and he initiated the creation; in the Shaiv sect, Bhagwan Shiv is the supreme and likewise in the Shakt sect, Bhagwati is supreme. But one truth remains constant, there is only one supreme entity, for some its Vishnu, for some its Shiv and for some its Bhagwati. See, this is the choice or flexibility we get, worship anyone, your prayers will get answered, provided, they are true. 

We will discuss about the creation thing some other time; today, let’s talk about evolution. Though sage Valmiki created Ramayan with a clear view, to make the world aware of Shri Ram’s legend that will guide the mankind towards an ideal lifestyle where he can believe in himself as no human is inferior and if they wish, they can even challenge the mightiest with Dharm on their side. Still, during the exile, when Shri Ram met Jatayu and asked for his introduction, the latter acquainted them about him through the story of evolution of beings, as how after the creation, beings got in this world.

When Brahmm dev started this creation, he created several prajapatees/progenitors whom he commanded to contribute by elaborating the creation; among these progenitors, sage Kashyap was the youngest. Kashyap was married to the daughters of Daksh, one of the early progenitor and son of Brahmm Dev. Kashyap engendered many species with the union of the daughters of Daksh. These woman played the crucial part in the process of evolution of various species; let's know about those divine mothers, The Dakshayanis:

  • Aditi - She gave birth to 33 sons; they being- twelve ‘Adityas’, eight ‘Vasus’, eleven ‘Rudras’ and two ‘Ashwini Kumars’. These divine sons later achieved dev-hood due to their noble deeds and were known as the thity three devtas.
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 Diti - Gave birth to reputable sons known as Daityas who used to rule whole earth along with the sea.

{Image Courtesy: Vahini}

  • Danu - Her children were known as Daanavs; she gave birth to ‘Ashwagreeve’.  
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  • Kalka -  She gave birth to ‘Narak’ and ‘Kalak’.
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We will halt in here and comprehend what we just read above one by one. Though Aditi and all others were daughters of Daksh; yet, there traits varied, individually and intellectually. Aditi was a serene woman who was calm and composed by nature, her sons were known as Adityas basically. Indra, Surya and other devtas were her sons only. Here I would like to bring a myth into your focus, we heard most of the times that there are thirty-three crores devi and devtas in Hinduism. Sheer rubbish, these sons of Aditi are described as prime 33 devtas, the rest are secondary. The confusion arose from the term - 33 koti devtas; now koti means distinctive and on the other hand it also means a crore. That's where the confusion arose and drew such outlook. 

Diti, though Aditi's real sister, played an antagonist. Arrogant and unruly and insecure for her sons. The Daityas, gradually turned hostile towards the Adityas. Some famous Daityas - Hiranyaksh, Hiranyakashyap, Bali etc. 

Danu and kalka were the mothers of Daanavs; though they were not as mighty as the sons of Aditi and Diti. Still they were extremely powerful and dominant. For instance, Vidyujjihv, husband of Shurpnakha and Raavarn's brother-in-law was a Daanav king. He ruled the kaalkeya daanavs, a sub-group of daanavs in the Ashm kingdom that was situated in Pataal-lok. These kaalkeya daanavs are the same that we have seen in the famous 'Bahubali' movie.

We will learn about the other daughters of Daksh in the next post. Be prepared for more eye-openers. 

"When  a logical mind is applied, myths shatter and actual beliefs reborn"


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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Elderly Savior: Jatayu

VaImiki introduced Shri Ram’s saga in front of the world with a purpose to encourage mankind that nothing in this world is unachievable for him. If he believes in himself; the world will bow in front of him. And that is pretty much the reason that he kept the Godliness of Shri Ram to minimum. If you will go through Valmiki Ramayan you will see the humane side of Shri Ram who is not detached but emotional; caring. And that is what led some individuals believing Shri Ram as a mere human with some good values.

But again, the occurrences, whether exceptionally miraculous or ordinary; each one of them were recorded in the saga. Here, one such legend that comes to my mind today is of Jatayu's. In Ramayan; Jatayu is accredited for putting the evolution chronicles in order to introduce himself when confronted by Shri Ram. It is then in the legend we came to about the birth of various beings/species that is so astonishing to know. It is this point, where we got to know as how and when the creation took the next step and also nothing happened of a sudden, but gradually.

Let's get to know Jatayu:

Jatayu was the son of Arurn, charioteer of Surya Dev and elder brother of Great Garurn . Jatayu was the descendant of sage Kashyap, the last prajapati/progenitor who played a pivotal role in the evolution. Jatayu had an elder brother known to the world as Sampati who also had a major role to play in the legend. We will know about his contribution to the divine cause soon, today we will focus on Jatayu.

Like their father Arurn; Sampati and Jatayu were also valorous beings. Due to an incident, destiny separated both brothers and Jatayu since then, based at the Dandkaranya. One can so comprehend Jatayu's might that even after being old-aged, he gave Raavarn a hard time while the latter was trying to abduct Devi Sita. Raavarn, The mighty rakshas-king, invincible to any being, who beat Indra and other devas was almost defeated by Jatayu. 

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Raavarn’s armour, that was radiant as blaze; Jatayu shattered it with the powerful flutter of his wings. He killed the asses tied with the chariot and broke the chariot. He then slashed charioteer’s head with his beak. When all this devastation happened, Raavarn fell on the ground carrying Devi Sita. He attacked Raavarn with his nails all over his body; he relied on his three weapons – nails, wings and his beak and he was using them at their full potential. Despite all this, Jatayu couldn't defeat the demon-king, that too when he tore all his ten arms one by one attacking with his beak, but slaying those arms was worthless as new arms came out every time. It was the boon of Brahmma ji that was helping Raavarn. And then, after the long battle, he took his sword out and chopped off Jatayu’s wings, legs and front, Jatayu fell on the ground. Jatayu died soon, but before dying, he proved his worthiness and informed Shri Ram of the abduction.

Raavarn was one rakshas whom no being dared to challenge or fight. But Jatayu chose righteousness over fear and became immortal with his deeds. 

We will end here today remembering Jatayu; next blog, be prepare to get amazed as new theories and myth-busters await you. Till then, be curious.

"It's not your age that matters, what matters is the the side you choose"


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