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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Elderly Savior: Jatayu

VaImiki introduced Shri Ram’s saga in front of the world with a purpose to encourage mankind that nothing in this world is unachievable for him. If he believes in himself; the world will bow in front of him. And that is pretty much the reason that he kept the Godliness of Shri Ram to minimum. If you will go through Valmiki Ramayan you will see the humane side of Shri Ram who is not detached but emotional; caring. And that is what led some individuals believing Shri Ram as a mere human with some good values.

But again, the occurrences, whether exceptionally miraculous or ordinary; each one of them were recorded in the saga. Here, one such legend that comes to my mind today is of Jatayu's. In Ramayan; Jatayu is accredited for putting the evolution chronicles in order to introduce himself when confronted by Shri Ram. It is then in the legend we came to about the birth of various beings/species that is so astonishing to know. It is this point, where we got to know as how and when the creation took the next step and also nothing happened of a sudden, but gradually.

Let's get to know Jatayu:

Jatayu was the son of Arurn, charioteer of Surya Dev and elder brother of Great Garurn . Jatayu was the descendant of sage Kashyap, the last prajapati/progenitor who played a pivotal role in the evolution. Jatayu had an elder brother known to the world as Sampati who also had a major role to play in the legend. We will know about his contribution to the divine cause soon, today we will focus on Jatayu.

Like their father Arurn; Sampati and Jatayu were also valorous beings. Due to an incident, destiny separated both brothers and Jatayu since then, based at the Dandkaranya. One can so comprehend Jatayu's might that even after being old-aged, he gave Raavarn a hard time while the latter was trying to abduct Devi Sita. Raavarn, The mighty rakshas-king, invincible to any being, who beat Indra and other devas was almost defeated by Jatayu. 

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Raavarn’s armour, that was radiant as blaze; Jatayu shattered it with the powerful flutter of his wings. He killed the asses tied with the chariot and broke the chariot. He then slashed charioteer’s head with his beak. When all this devastation happened, Raavarn fell on the ground carrying Devi Sita. He attacked Raavarn with his nails all over his body; he relied on his three weapons – nails, wings and his beak and he was using them at their full potential. Despite all this, Jatayu couldn't defeat the demon-king, that too when he tore all his ten arms one by one attacking with his beak, but slaying those arms was worthless as new arms came out every time. It was the boon of Brahmma ji that was helping Raavarn. And then, after the long battle, he took his sword out and chopped off Jatayu’s wings, legs and front, Jatayu fell on the ground. Jatayu died soon, but before dying, he proved his worthiness and informed Shri Ram of the abduction.

Raavarn was one rakshas whom no being dared to challenge or fight. But Jatayu chose righteousness over fear and became immortal with his deeds. 

We will end here today remembering Jatayu; next blog, be prepare to get amazed as new theories and myth-busters await you. Till then, be curious.

"It's not your age that matters, what matters is the the side you choose"


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