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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Evolution: Daughters of Daksha(contd.)

We will continue from where we left, understanding evolution, knowing The Dakshayanis:
  • Manu - Mother of humans. Gradually they were split in castes- Brahmmarns, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shoodras according to their deeds.
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  • Tamra - Gave birth to the five famous daughters’ viz., Kaunchi, Bhasi, Shyeni, Dhratrashtri and Shuki. These daughters gave birth to different species of birds.
  • Krodhvasha delivered ten daughters viz. Mragi, Mragmanda, Hari, Bhadramada, Matangi, Shardooli, Shweta, Surbhi, Sursa and Kadruka. These daughters gave birth to differen species of animals.
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  • Anala -  She gave birth to fruit bearing trees.
Manu; wait, what? We all know Manu right, but that was a MAN, son of Surya dev and the initiator of the legendary Suryavansh. Yes, but he is accredited for only Suryavansh. The rest of humanity begin from here, human castes including the kshatriyas were produced by this lady named Manu. Coincidentally the names were similar and that is why we are known as manavs. Moreover, a myth that's been blindly prevailed in the society shatters here; every human is equal, as we all come from one divine mother; Manu. I have said it earlier, it's our deeds that profiles us, not our birth. The caste system when made, worked without any exploitation and to maintain the balance, else no one is inferior or superior claiming his/her birth.

Things were looking believable and there came Tamra, Krodhvasha and Anala; how can they produce animals, birds and trees as their offspring. I quoted once "Divinity, you can either believe it or discard it, there ain't any midway". It has all got to do with GODLINESS; science of GOD and here our mere humanitarian logic doesn't works that too when we have not been able to understand the human mind/brain completely. Everyday is a new discovery for us; who would have thought a hundred years back of smartphones those are too regular today. Same is with what we say miracle, till science discovers it or rather understands/cognize it. There are end no. of things that are mystery to us whether it's Bermuda Triangle or Immortality of Ashwatthama.

Now we can see here that the devas, daityas and other beings were no different, they were recognized through their mothers' names like these mothers were known as Dakshaynis, daughters of Daksh. It were their deeds that put them on different paths. I have discussed this chapter a bit more elaborately in my upcoming book.

"Everyday a new discovery awaits us, we got to have an eye for that"


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