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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ahilya: Redemption and Revelations

Social media has such an impact to our lives that we feel incomplete without it, in fact for every minor task or information we need it. Be it any sector or industry, they communicate with us way better through it.
Recently a friend of mine shared a video that was a short film by a acclaimed film director. The film was inspired from the story of Ahilya(from Ramayan), call it an adaptation or innovation or whatever, the work was amazingly brilliant. The good thing, it didn't behaved absurd or obscene with the original and the actors, just three and were awesome. For the very first time I found myself in sympathy with Indra.

Talking about Ahilya, the most beautiful woman of her era. Her resplendence was in vogue everywhere and why not, Brahmm Dev created her, she was his brainchild after all. The creator then appointed sage Gautam as his guardian and entrusted her till she reached adolescence. Sage Gautam was an stoic, a jitendriya: when Ahilya attained woman-hood, he returned her to Brahmm Dev. The creator was pleased with his conduct and hence, married Ahilya to him. Ahilya was also happy with the decision and so they lived a happy married life until, Indra interposed.

Yes yes we all know what happened thereafter; how she was tricked by the wicked Indra. So, what's the deal about it, what is so new about it?
No, there is nothing new and how could be, after all its history. This all is already happened so newness cannot be offered; BUT, yes there's always a but and by here I mean as there is nothing new about it yet, there is something true about it not known to us.

While Ahilya was growing under Gautam's tutelage, she was admired by many and one of those was Indra, king of the devas. When he asked her hand from Brahmm Dev, the latter refused knowing Indra's longing. He couldn't take the refusal and waited for an opportunity as Ahilya was a sati in all true sense.

One morning: while Gautam was away, Indra disguised himself in the former's guise and entered the hermitage. He customized the ambience enticing and approached Ahilya for intimacy.
Now, the real story - Ahilya was a sati and so she instantly recognized Indra. But she fell in his trap, she was aroused by the temptation created by Indra, the thought that the king of devas wants her companionship blindfolded her and she crossed the line.

Unaware of the catastrophe; while Gautam came back, he found someone in his guise trying to runaway. Indra's face went pale looking at the sage. The latter meditated for a moment and visualized whatever happened in past few moments.
Gautam responded furiously and cursed Indra, the sin he committed by putting up his guise was unforgivable. Therefore he cursed Indra’s potency and the latters’ testicles fell right there.

He then turned to Ahilya; his heart was as if ripped out of his chest, the betrayal committed by his beloved, brought tears to his raging eyes. He cursed her to remain in the hermitage for thousands of years being invisible to all beings living only on air.

Here, we learned two things; new or rather true:
  1. Ahilya knew Indra was in sage Gautam's guise. 
  2. Gautam cursed her to be invisible from the world in contrast with the popular beliefs, not in the form of an stone.
Here, few questions arise; if Ahilya was guilty then why Gautam opened a way to free her. If the sage knew of Shri Ram's incarnation then how couldn't he saw this coming, also how was Gautam authoritative to decide the penalty. Between all this, what happened to Indra, did he escaped or did he paid for it.
We shall find our answers next week. Till then, be curious.


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