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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ahilya: Redemption and Revelations(contd.)

Ahilya fell on her knees; the world surrounding her suddenly went hazy, her whole life was mutilated and she was responsible for it. She couldn't find any courage to  make eye contact with her husband, with whom she had walked the distances of life and now they were parted with miles' distance. She pledged for his forgiveness reminding him that never ever for a single moment she went off her maryada. It was just this time when she fell in Indra’s trap and in spite of being aware she committed such sin.

Gautam knew Ahilya was speaking truth, she always had been a truly devoted wife towards him, never ever her mind and soul had thought about any stranger.
‘A sin is a sin, whether big or small. You had been a stature of satitva to all women and yet you fell to lust. Your act has no exemption, but this is also true that your heart is pure. Therefore; listen, in Treta yug when Shri Ram will come to this hermitage, on welcoming him, your soul will be purified and you will be redeemed of your greed and lust which made you betray your husband, then you will attain your body and will be in my proximity.’

Sage Gautam was one of the profound sages of that era and a great intellectual. He was the composer of 'Dharmsutra', book that directs mankind about justice as well as guiding them about dharm and adharm. Like I informed in my last post; he was an stoic, a jitendriya(the one who has won all his senses) and hence was eligible of such composition.
But, we must also cognize that he wasn't a trikaaldarshi, an omniscient(one who can look into past, present and future) and so was unaware of Indra's plot.
ShriRamavtaar was a prophecy that was in cognizance among the divine beings and so he knew about it. He decided such chastisement for Ahilya keeping in his mind about her chastity and so opened a way to liberate her and who better than Shri Ram, Narayarn himself could have done so and that is what he did.

When Shri Ram arrived at the hermitage accompanied by sage Vishwamitra and Lakshmarn, the sage informed him about the unfortunate that occurred. With his directions, Shri Ram entered the hermitage. They found Ahilya in austerity, glistening with her tapashcharya, it’s just that no one was able to see her,  such was the impact of the great curse that lady was enabled to.
As Shri Ram entered and saw Ahilya, she was now visible to everyone, the curse was over now. Her destiny was blessed as Shri Ram’s divinity had freed her from the curse, both the princes with due respect touched Ahilya’s feet. She opened her eyes and saw Shri Ram; she got aware of sage Gautam’s words and hosted Shri Ram and Lakshmarn.
Ahilya had regained her purity and spirituality and was reunited with Gautam.

Between all this happened what happened to the prime culprit, INDRA. Well he was left testicle-less after Gautam cursed him, he went to his abode where with the help of other devas, a lamb's testicle were arranged and Indra was healed.
Big question; he was the main accused, how could he be freed so easily while Ahilya, who was innocent, if given a thought, suffered for centuries.
No, certainly not so. The punishment that Indra got was a lot more severe, he was humiliated and held in detention for days by a young rakshas prince years later in an epic war. In spite of being capable, it were his deeds that he lost and even today he is condemned for his immoral act while Ahilya is praised.

One more thing before one may ask, why did Shri Ram touched Ahilya’s feet? First, she was elder and respectable to them as she was austerity absorbed for thousands of years and second as they touched her feet she now realized that she is not invisible any more and definitely it is the arrival of the redeemer of the world, so in short Shri Ram actually signaled her to get awakened of her meditation. That is how the 'Maryada Purshottam' reinstalled Ahilya's dignity and provided salvation to her.

"No matter how far or farther you go, KARMA follows"


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