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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bala-Atibala; the divine mantras

With the conclusion of Vishwamitra's legend in my last post, we now know his prominence in Shri Ram's legend. We also know as why he was chosen to educate and enlighten him. He was a connoisseur in war arts and archery, but he learned a lot during his journey towards 'brahmmanatv' and afterwards, I hinted this in my post on Tadka and now everything can be linked.
When Brahmm Dev appeared and blessed him as 'brahmmrishi', Vishwamitra asked-
'If I have attained Brahmmanatv, then kindly bless me with Omkar, Vashatkar and the Vaidas, they all should patronize me.' Brahmm Dev granted him so.

Hence, with the thorough knowledge of the Vaidas and other sciences, he discovered many divyastras and mantra-vidyas; Gayatri Mantra being the prime and the source to others. He entrusted Shri Ram with divine weapons those were rare to others. We will definitely learn about those weapons and their source later.

But, before he endowed those divine weapons or divyastras to Shri Ram, Vishwamitra prepared the latter to be capable of carrying those.  

When Shri Ram and Lakshmarn left Ayodhya with Vishwamitra to help him in saving his yagya, they halted at the banks of River Saryu. The sun was setting and so Vishwamitra instructed Shri Ram to take the divine water of Saryu without making any further delays as it was an appropriate time for receiving BALA and ATIBALA, two great group of hymns that would make him invincible. With the divine effects of those hymns a person never feels exertion or stress, neither would he get caught by fever, no enemies or demons could attack him while sleeping. His strength will be second to none.

Shri Ram followed Vishwamitra’s instructions and went in accordance with that due to which he mastered those two great mahavidyas. It was the divine effect of these hymns that helped Shri Ram in his future endeavors whether it was war with Khar or the historical warfare in Lanka. And that ladies and Gentlemen, is the beauty of Ramavtar; he, who is omniscient, who is the invincible, acted like a innocent human and we get tangled in his ‘mayaevery now and then, debating whether he was God or a 'mere' human.

Now we know about Bala and Atibala, two amazing mantras and their functionality, but do we know what mantra actually means. Let's have a look at the fact those are related to mantras -

  • The word mantra has two parts: man, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind; and tra, which is the root of the word instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation.
  • Every mantra has a different configuration and individuality of its own.
  • Mantras are not only attached with wars and violence; people in their daily life recite mantras as per their convenience or purposes. For example; Om, the basic yet a principal mantra, people recite it to calm their minds. 
  • While reciting or invoking a mantra, timing is important. For different mantras, different time slot is appropriate, above stated episode of Bala and Atibala proves that.
  • With a efficient application of mantra partnered with yantra(machine) and tantra(sorcery), unprecedented accomplishments can be achieved. Pushpak is the best example I can give you here(yes, we will have a session over that).
Yes, there might be inadmissibility to whatever I  just discussed. May look superstitious or too much fictitious. But we must understand that in the 80's no one would have thought of anything like mobile phones, touchscreens possible or even viable. But today, life is totally incomplete without it. This all is vigyaan or science, till today's scientific world manages to rediscover it what is known here from ages.

I will end here, but before that, I bow to the most sacred form of mantra, let there be knowledge everywhere. ॐ 

"the only limitation that you have is ignorance, lose it and nothing would be unattainable"
'सियाराम '

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