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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Legend of Vishwamitra : Brahmmrishi Vishwamitra

Learning his lessons well this time, Vishwamitra prepared himself for a tougher journey.
The ascetic left everything(literally) and continued his penance until Brahmm Dev is pleased. Another thousand years passed; he was annoyed in all ways but this time he was unshakable and one day, after completing thousand years of ascesis he prepared food to break his fast. At that moment, a brahmmarn arrived there and requested for food. Vishwamitra gave all his food and stayed pleasant and calm; he rightly identified Indra and his ploy( to the typicality of it). You may now start condemning Indra, that's the reputation he has built afterall.
But Vishwamitra, refined and composed, started his ascesis again. 

For another thousand years his penance continued 'without breathing', it resulted in fumes that started coming from his head, beings all over the world became worried as it started creating imbalance in all the three worlds. They all pleaded Brahmm dev that Vishwamitra was out of any impurity, he had won over his senses and his ascesis had reached such stage that could lead to destruction. They requested him to bless him whatever he desired, even if he wished the throne of the heavens, let him had it too in order to save the world.

Brahmm dev went to Vishwamitra and the latter finally got his labor paid, ‘Rise Brahmmrishi Vishwamitra, I am pleased with your ascesis, you have achieved brahmmanatv now.’

Vishwamitra was in an ecstasy, he humbly joined his palms and requested Brahmm Dev that may sage Vashishth also address him as brahmmrishi.

Vashishth at that very moment arrived and pronounced Vishwamitra as Brahmrishi-Vishwamitra and therefore both befriended.
This was the legend of a Kshatriya king who became a Brahmmrishi. 

Vishwamitra's journey has a lot to offer us; it educates us that we are never absolute, no matter how accomplished we feel about ourselves. There's another dimension to it, may be we are perfect, we have got everything as per the roles, the designation we play, but there's always an option to strive for better. His legend showcases both dimensions.

He proved that how impossible the target may look, firmness will lead you to it.
The transition of a kshatriya to a brahmmarn is the prime lesson to learn, installing karm over varn.

Here, Indra's role is very crucial and critical as he is always looked with a disdainful look. Personally, I am a hater too, but  again hating is an emotion and truth/satya has got nothing to do with it. To your surprise, Indra wasn’t totally negative this time, we must understand his profile; he is the caretaker of the all three worlds, his major work is to maintain balance in those. It’s not so easy to achieve any position, you have to be completely pure and firm as well as focused about your goals. Now, if he hadn’t sent Menka followed by Rambha and then himself in guise of a Brahmmarn begging food then how could have Vishwamitra came out so strong every time a challenge posed over him. If you guys will give it a thought, being Indra, he actually helped Vishwamitra to become Brahmmrishi, coz. anyone or everyone can’t reach this position so he has to see whether a particular individual deserves to be what he aims to be or not. You see if he hadn't done so, Vishwamitra would have never attained brahmmanatv being unaware of his drawbacks being stuck in the illusion forever.

To understand what I explained above, we must know what is Indra. You read it right, what, not who.
Indra is actually not a person but a designation or a post; like president, prime minister etc. The person appointed for the position is also named with the same, i.e. Indra and yes they change periodically. Currently, the person who had been appointed Indra is the son of sage Kashyap and devi Aditi, SHAKRA. Yes, that's the actual name of Indra and according to the popular beliefs, next Indra would be Asur king Bali, another myth-breaker that Indra is a dev. Like I said in one of my earlier posts; KARMA rules. Even Shakra had to went through tests and long austerity before he was crowned as the king of devas. Thus, we have now understand why he tested Vishwamitra.
"a dark side doesn't mean a bad soul, and if it is, who's good then"

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