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Friday, August 28, 2015

Legend of Vishwamitra : 'Kaam' and 'Krodh'

Vishwamitra was thoroughly absorbed in the divine atmosphere of Pushkar, he continued his penance living only on fruits and tubers. His efforts continued and another thousand years passed.
Brahmm Dev appeared and entitled him as 'Rishi', certainly Vishwamitra felt dejected. He was clueless  as whether his efforts were not enough to qualify him towards the position of 'Brammrishi'. Yet, he continued his ascesis as he was poised for it.

But, his determination was giving a hard time to a divine persona.
One day a beautiful apsara or nymph named Menka arrived there, she found herself near a beautiful lake and hence started preparing for the bath. Vishwamitra observed her contour, the ascetic helplessly felt spellbound by her charm. Magnetized with her exquisiteness, he approached her welcoming and requested her to grace him with her companionship.

Menka delightfully accepted his proposal; after all it was the sole-purpose of her presence there. For the next ten years, the sage was drowned in Menka so deep that he forgot his objective, a big stoppage over his ascesis. He realized lately and was left embarrassed. He rightly interpreted, it was Indra’s work; he said nothing and peacefully let Menka go, they had the connection after all.

Now he knew where he had not arrived yet. He tried to bring the pieces together; only a jitendriya can be a Brahmmrishi, was his conclusion. I must enlighten you that a jitendriya is one person who has won all over his senses; as these senses control being's mind and body. A being is deviated towards various desires and cravings, those being:  काम(lust), क्रोध(anger), लोभ(temptation), मोह(fascination), राग(infatuation), द्वेष(malice) and ईर्ष्या(jealousy). One can only master these vaasnaas or desires through mastering his senses only and the one who succeeds will always be composed though whatever the situation may be. The reason why being a jitendriya is important as only then a being could be able to judge the situations unbiased.
The moment he saw a beautiful nymph, he failed to control his cravings that were suppressed from long and hence, fell in the trap. He decided that he has to win over his lust and therefore he left for the Himalayas and penance like never before for another thousand years. The devas were concerned, they requested Brahmm dev to bless him with 'Maharishi'.

Brahmm dev went to Vishwamitra, ‘Maharishi, you are welcome; I am very pleased with your ascesis and give you supremacy among the great sages.’

‘Hey Brahmm Dev! If you are pleased with me, then kindly grace me with the position of Brahmrishi, only then I will take myself as jitendriya, the one who has overcome his all senses.’

‘O best of the sages, you haven’t won your senses yet, strive for it and that might be your destiny one day.’ Brahmm dev smiled.
Vishwamitra was now determined for more so he raised both of his arms and started ascesis living only on air.

In summers he lived on panchagni, in the rains he stayed under open-sky and in winters also he stayed in his position for another thousand years. Indra got worried for whatever was happening so he asked another apsara Rambha to break Vishwamitra’s ascesis as Menka did with his beauty and voluptuous body. As directed, Rambha went there and started singing like a songbird. Indra knew it would be hard to crack Vishwamitra this time, therefore, he created a set-up in accordance to that. Disturbed, Vishwamitra opened his eyes, he looked all over; suddenly the rough site of the Himalayas felt pleasant with the greenery around, the wind had a musky breeze flowing, various fragrant flowers were showering from the sky and a stunning beauty singing with her melodious voice. He recognized Indra’s move, though lust couldn't move him, yet, he was irate; he cursed Rambha and turned her into a stone while Indra ran away watching this.

But this all saddened Vishwamitra as he lost all his ascetic powers and his every single effort for Brahmmanatva went in vain. Brahmm Dev's word were echoing in his ears, in spite of decoding the secret he failed to control his anger. The actualization had eventuated, he knew how to proceed ahead.

Before I sign off, one thing; obviously everyone would be loathing Indra as he again and again created hurdles in Vishwamitra's penance. I would like to play as the devil's advocate, why, let's meet in the next post.

"A jitendriya or stoic remains composed and converts his weakness and threats into his strength and opportunities

' सियाराम'

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