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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Province of the Holy

‘Heaven and Hell are right here my friend, in this very Earth. So stop looking for them elsewhere and better lookout on your karma, you reap what you sow’

We all have heard this line a lot, while watching any movie or during a preaching session. For a moment we are driven to a thought where these realms could actually be, in our Earth or they have their particular dimension. This is a topic we would touch upon much later; for now, I can give you a sneak peek; the devlok or Amravati(city of devas) and Swarg are different places, but both are ruled by Indra only.
This also makes us wonder as how can it be possible that two opposite forces be present at one place. Now took Dandkaranya for example; yes Dandkaranya again, you might have been wandering what else this chapter has to offer, I say; a lot. I started this blog with a sole motive, to share my findings and interpretations of Valmiki Ramayan so that we can have a fresher perspective about the legend of SiyaRam as well as knowing our Culture with a more rational way. And for that we must know every aspect; hidden or visible. My last post depicted the horrendous beasts of the region as well as their origins. Now, time to look at the bright side or rather divine side. You might remember my blogs Saints of Aryavart where we had a chance to glance at a very different side of sainthood. Now taking a lead from there, we will learn about saints those preserved the sanctity of the region Dandkaranya:

  • Sharbhang - He was an eminent sage of those times and among very few influential saints in the Dandkaranya whose hermitage was unaffected by the torture of the demons. We can know about his efficacy as when Shri Ram visited his ashram, Indra, head of the devas himself was there to receive him as it was the sage's last day in the mortal world. It were his deeds that gained him a place in Brahmm lok. But Indra had to return early as the sage wished to see Shri Ram in person. The sage welcomed Shri Ram along with Devi Sita and Lakshmarn and hosted them with all his pleasure. The sage told him as he was the only reason for him being alive till date. He also advised them to visit sage Sutikshan who would guide them to find an appropriate place for stay. The sage then informed them as it was now his time to leave the mortal world, he asked Shri Ram to keep looking at him while he leaves his mortal form. The sage then invoked fire and consecrated it with sacred spells and entered into it, the fire burnt down every element of his body. Then came out from the fire, a new and divine form, a young man raised towards the sky and crossed all heavenly realms and reached the Brahmmlok.
{Image Source: spiritual messenger}

  • Sutikshan: Another revered sage from that eon. He is accredited for guiding Shri Ram throughout the exile and directing him to sage Agastya, the efficacious saint who bestowed Shri Ram with divine weapons. Shri Ram roamed the whole Dandkaranya for the next 13 years in Sutikshan's counsel and annihilated the demons who got in their way or tormenting the beings. Like Sharbhang he had also attained higher realms, but he stayed in the mortal world till he introduced Shri Ram to sage Agastya.
We will continue the rest in the next post.
"Even the almighty needs his devotees to accomplish a greater purpose"
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