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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Demonical Province (Contd.)

In our quest for truth, from Ramayan's perspective, we learned about the demons of the Dandkaranya. Today we shall move a step further by knowing more about them. Let's continue:
  • Mareech: Yes, Mareech is back. The same rakshas whom Shri Ram deported towards south while protecting Vishwamitra's yagya. His next crucial part came later in the story when Raavarn approached him in order to help him for Devi Sita's abduction. He was the son of Tadka [read:http://srirom.blogspot.in/2015/08/a-cursed-yakshini.html], that means like her mother, he was a yaksh too, but his deeds delivered him to such situation, where he was cursed by sage Agastya and he was transformed into a rakshas. He was blessed with a boon where no dev could kill him and that's why Vishwamitra brought Shri Ram for help. There is a popular conception going in the air, that being; Mareech and Subahu were brothers, the former had a change of heart after Tadka was eliminated by Shri Ram and left for a better and blessed life. Well, Subahu was his ally, not brother; Mareech remained the menace and continued to torment the beings with his mystical powers. When Shri Ram reached Dandkaranya, the rakshas recalled his humiliation and attacked Shri Ram in a giant reindeer's form with other demons. Shri Ram shot arrows and again killed the others but spared him. This was the moment when Mareech actually transformed, he gave up all his evils and started penancing. Now he knew that Shri Ram wasn't any normal being but a divine entity. When Raavarn came to him, he tried his best to convince the demon king to not mess with Shri Ram, but failed. He realized that this was the moment Shri Ram spared him for. He was the pawn all this time that Shri Ram had placed in the Dandkaranya, contrary to the beliefs that he came here himself or Raavarn employed him there. And in the end, with a classical display of theatrics by Devi Sita, their ploy processed successfully.
  • Kaabandh: He is considered or remembered as one of the strangest and weirdest demon ever heard. A handsome dev who used to scare the beings while roaming in the forests disguising in scary appearances. A sage named Sthoolshira cursed him to remain in that particular guise forever. Scared, the former begged the sage for mercy. The sage then opened a way for his redemption; he told him that one day Shri Ram along with Lakshmarn will arrive the place, they will cut of his arms and he would be redeemed. Still, the demon wasn't as weird in appearance the way we know. Later, he challenged Indra for a duel, the dev-king unleashed his 'vajra' upon him, due to the assault, his face and legs merged in his torso.
{Image Source: Painting on ceiling of temple in Ayodhyapattinam, approx. 16th century}
The demon plead Indra to sought a way for his sustenance. Indra knew about the curse and redemption, he therefore created a mouth in his stomach and enlarged his arms by a yojan. Finally, after Devi Sita was abducted, when Shri Ram and Lakshmarn were roaming, looking for her, he confronted them and achieved his destiny. He gained his previous form and enlightened the princes about Shabri as well as Sugreeve; who proved to be helpful in Shri Ram's efforts in finding Devi Sita and Raavarn's annihilation.
Well that was it, if we wrap up the posts(the demonical province series), we can easily come out with some enlightening facts; contrary to the widely spread theory, there was never partiality among the beings, dharm does not allowed that. Devas were never favored by the Gods or the sages, but were equally rewarded or punished for their deeds. Viraadh and Kabandh, both were neither rakshasas nor daityas or daanavs, yet got cursed for their bad karma.
I have said it earlier and say it again; rakshasas, daityas, daanavs were pretty much normal in appearance like the humans and devs, it was there conduct and routines that made them slightly different, but such horrific descriptions(Mareech, Viraadh, Kabandh) were due to the curse they received. One may ask, if all were almost similar in appearances then why the beings were cursed to become a rakshas only. Answer; among all the beings, the conduct of raksahsas was pretty much brute and barbaric, many of them were even cannibals.

History has always been a subject of utter-eagerness to us. Call it mythology, call it pauranik or rather ancient legends, our past; in spite of being happened, has put us in a perplex. We are so confused about our actual history that we prefer to rubbish it, that being an easier option. The reason; corruption of facts and figures done by the foreign intruders; these gentlemen were actually insecure and pretty much victimized by inferiority complex, that they made no stone unturned in disfiguring the grandness of our actual legends.
With no support from the authorities, we feel stupid/embarrassed on mentioning of our scriptures, why; because we are unaware about our basis, our roots. We know what happened, but why and how, we don't know. And that is how we became the nation of snake-charmers and superstitions.
You reason.
"Dharm is parity, it is we who corrupt it in our ignorance"
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