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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Golden Statue

A very very Happy & auspicious Deepawali to all of you. May there be always joy & serenity in our lives. On the occasion of Diwali, here's a chance to get, The 7th Incarnation, for FREE. Visit my website to download the book:

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On today's pious occasion, I present a fiction tale, which in actual will put forward the right/real perspective of Ramayan, the very essence of it:

‘Swagatam Bahubali! Prabhu awaits your presence, in his chamber.’ The guard welcomed him with his palms joined.

He simply smiled in return and proceeded towards the chamber, ‘Every time I come to see Prabhu, there’s an emotion of exhilaration, to meet him, to bow my head at his divine feet. Then, why it isn’t today?’ He wondered, as he reached towards the chamber’s entrance.

‘Abhinandan, Aanjaneya!’ A sweet voice welcomed him.

‘Bhrata!’ His head rose in amusement, ‘Pranaam.’

‘Pranaam’ He clasped his joined palms with affection, ‘Brother & I were talking about you only, and he awaits you. I shall join you later.’

For the very first time, he felt hesitant. He entered finally.

‘Hanuman!’ Shri Ram took his name in ecstasy, ‘Good you & others could come. I wanted my all dear ones to join by me for this ashwamedha yagya. But most of all, I wanted to see YOU.’

‘Prabhu!’ Hanuman bowed at his feet.

‘Oh! Your place has always been in my heart. ‘

Even with the warmth in Ram’s embrace, Hanuman didn’t feel the elation that he used to feel before. And Shri Ram sensed it, ‘what is it Hanuman? Your heart’s ruffled. Won’t you share it with me?’

‘Every Kishkindhian heart’s uneasy, Prabhu. Bhagwan…’ He joined his palms, ‘We didn’t support Agni Pariksha, but even there, Mata Sita’s chastity was reaffirmed. Then why her banishment, why in spite of the resolute she showed, she’s in the woods, while here you gathered this grand yagya?’ Though his words were blunt, he maintained the sobriety, ‘I am surprised why, bhaiya Lakshmarn, who was present there, didn’t resist.’

‘Lakshmarn! Wo to bahot bhola hai. He even didn’t say anything when Sita accused him of misconduct, questioned his character.’

Hanuman’s feet trembled, he moved back by three paces, ‘No prabhu. Why Ma would say so? That too for, bhaiya Lakshmarn whom she always has loved like a son.’

‘The way I renounced her, which forced her to call for Agni-Pariksha. The way I banished her, knowing that she’s pure as Ganga.’ The gravity in his voice didn’t let the smile fade.

‘Prabhu’ Hanuman fell to his knees, ‘what leela is this, what's happening?’

‘What ought to be, is happening.’ Shri Ram walked towards a golden statue placed at the other corner of the chamber. It was Devi Sita’s statue. He placed his hands on its shoulder. 

Suddenly, Hanuman couldn’t believe his eyes. The solidity of the statue started transforming. And then, it started taking a shape, in flesh & blood. When the figure took its final form, Hanuman’s jaw dropped, ‘MATA SITA! You’re here?’

‘WE', are everywhere. Haven’t you heard “ishwar kan-kan mein hain”?’ She held Shri Ram’s hand, and their bodies started merging, forming a single entity.

‘Ardhnarishwar!’ Hanuman couldn’t be more amazed & joyous at the same time.

‘Yes, Vishnu is the supreme entity and, Lakshmi is his very core. Without her, he is powerless; and without him, she has no essence.'

They looked at Hanuman's dazed face, 'Call it fate, or rather call it act of the divine. For Dharm, the eradication of the evil that the raakshasas represented was imperative. If I hadn’t been harsh towards, Lakshmarn, he would have never left my side. The abduction was necessary, and Raavarn couldn’t do it in his presence. You can so assume that the Agni-Pariksha was a consequence to what I did to Lakshmarn; ‘karma’ you see.’

‘And the banishment?’

‘It was sage Bhrigu’s curse, Hanuman. And to save the dignity of a sage, Narayarn accepted the curse. That's the only reason of our separation; but, do you still think we were separated? And if yes, who banished whom as you can now see, we are no different.
We Gods, are beyond the shackles of emotions in which this elusive creation binds the beings on. And it is the same illusion that tricked you too.'

‘Indeed Ma! Now there’s nothing else I can ask for.' Hanuman didn't realize the tears rolling, 'But still, I will. Hey prabhu, this alluring sight that you’ve graced me today, may this stay in my heart forever. Till there life in me.’

‘Avamastu, so be it.’ A ray emerged from their blessing palm and touched Hanuman’s heart, imprinting it with SiyaRam's image, and it glowed.

'Jai-Jai SiyaRam.' Hanuman hailed as Devi Sita demerged from Shri Ram. The golden statue was back.


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