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Friday, June 26, 2015

Ayodhya: The Prime and Eternal

It is said that this whole Earth came under the reign of Emperor Manu, the first Human/Man and our prime ancestor. He was the  progenitor of the Survanshee lineageAs you might have got it, this blood –line started from the Sun i.e. Surya-dev himself who’s other name is also Vivasvan. Manu was the son of Surya dev

In this very ancestry of great kings, there came a noble king known as Dashrath who ruled this city of Ayodhya that was situated on the banks of Saryu River. This whole reign came under the province of Koshal. This province had several kingdoms ruled by other ‘suryavanshee’ kings.

Great Manu himself was behind the making of this great city Ayodhya, which even overshadowed the splendor of Amravati, i.e., the heavenly abode of Indra.
It can be so inferred that Ayodhya was the first actual kingdom in the whole world and the oldest city or one of the oldest cities since inception and center of Aryavart, i.e. land of the Arya people. The people of Aryavart were the follower of an ideal Dharm that in today’s context is known as "Sanatan Dharm", this Dharm was delivered by the Vaidas to direct all the beings towards an ideal lifestyle.

The motive behind all this paraphrasing was to form a backdrop in order to introduce or rather actualize people(irrespective of any generation or belief) about our glorious past. We usually tend to have an inclination towards the west believing them as superior to us. Its a shame that Yog was practiced by a limited class or rather unknown, and when it became YOGA, it was the "in" thing instantly. Whatever, today I will elaborate about the socio-economic scenario of the era as well as the religious and cultural beliefs and practices  from Ayodhya's eye, as they were prevalent in whole Aryavart.

The kingdom ruled by great king Dashrath was provided with adequate infrastructure and facilities. The palaces built displayed incredible architectural accomplishments. The work included various types of precious stones.

{Image: justcomix}

As no one was homeless and had all basic amenities, we can easily conclude that enough preparations were done in a well planned way to deal with natural as well as unusual adversities, if any. Diseases, infections were not known to them.
This proves that our ancestors were well-versed in management.

Now if we compare this to today's scenario; after so many years since independence, people are still homeless, glad to see finally our leaders have projected homes for every family till 2022.  In summers we face scarcity of water and then our major cities drown in rainy season(what to say about usual's). Obviously we need to learn a lot from our past, our ancestors.

Moving on; art and music had got a high recognition in the monarchy; there were even some theatrical groups which were totally owned by women only and there were artisans specialized in performing different art forms. You can see there was a lot of space for every individual, freedom at its best to express.

There were markets present addressing all kinds of businessmen and traders. Businessmen and farmers formed the backbone of the kingdom’s economy, the markets were well established and governed by the king and well executed by the traders. Exploitation was the term that was unknown to them. The court always valued suggestions of the prime business people.

We will continue the rest in the next blog, till then; be proud, forever.

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