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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ram: supremacy on dock

Whenever we picture Shri Ram in our mind; a soft, innocent and generous replica of him is what we portrait mostly. The alluring smile, that mesmerizes your heart and lets you forget all your worries. No one can imagine him in a facade being irate or callous.
But, such image has drawn some conjectures or rather conclusions among a class who allege him as a meager prince who at every stage of his endeavors sought other’s support, for example the vanars to defeat Raavarn. According to them Ram lacked the strength to confront the powerful beings viz. Bali whome he killed in hiding. Okay, let’s see:

We know how the Ram-Sita wedding happened; the insuperable bow of Bhagwan Shiv that was a challenge to every being including the powerful devtas. That amazing bow was lifted by Shri Ram playfully, says a lot about his muscle that too when he was in a tender age.

The annihilation of the demons in Vishwamitra’s yagya, elimination of Tadka, it all happened through him.

We are aware of the Shurpnakha episode. When Khar, Shurpnakha’s cousin, marched with his army to avenge her humiliation; Shri Ram annihilated the whole army 'alone' including Khar. Little we know about this valiant warfare of Ram that the army with which Khar marched consisted of 14000 soldiers.  This left us with no suspicion of his vigor, does it?

The display of his force on Sugreeve’s urge where he pierced seven giant trees with one arrow and then kicked a giant demon’s skeleton effortlessly with his toe says all. We shall see later as why he killed Bali in hiding then.

Another counter comes when people ask about his failure against Indrajeet, when the latter ruthlessly showered his arrows and everyone including Ram fainted and were injured to death. Like every-time the catch was again missed.

We should understand a fact about Ramavtar; Shri Ram was a Maryada Purshottam, the sole purpose of this incarnation was to uplift the stature of humanity, where a human can go to any extent to install Dharm if he is determined for it. With his deeds, he proved that humans weren't inferior and they can challenge the mighty beings even. He never performed miracles like he did in his Krishnavtar and that was the beauty of it.

Indrajeet was a great warrior, but he fought with cheat. Like a coward he never confronted in physical, but with his invisible power, he used the Brahmmastra at Shri Ram's army. Shri Ram knew about the significance of the weapon and hence to sustain its divinity he didn't resisted. He even stopped Lakshman from using another Brahmmastra and asked to bear the attack calmly. The real catch is; he knew that Jambvan will use Hanuman's force to save the entire army and they will be back in the war again.

"It is always easy to question, to allege; the real job is to actually understand, read between the lines."


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