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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Divine of Ramchandra.

I use to get a lot of queries while having a discussion about Ramayan with my friends and peers. The yearn they display pleases me; it shows that our generation believes in our legendary history, it’s just that they are not acquainted well.
Among those queries, most of them are about Shri Ram. Whether he was the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu as it is told, if he actually was a God then why he needed others’ help in his various endeavors. Why he had to kill Bali in hiding, after all he was ‘the God’, why did he kill a ‘shudra’ ascetic and many more.
Let’s start with his divinity quotient; in Ramayan, there had been plenty of instances where it is clearly stated as Bhagwan Vishnu incarnated as Shri Ram in Ayodhya.  Following are some of those:

Ø  When Dashrath arranged the Putreshti-Yagya for a child, the devtas gathered there and requested Brahmm Dev to find a solution to free the world from Raavarn’s dread. As they were conversing, Bhagwan Vishnu appeared; he consoled the devtas listening to their plight and vowed to root-out Raavarn with his family. He declared to incarnate as Dashrath’s son and rule the Earth for Eleven thousand years.
    Here, it very much serves the purpose proving Ram was an incarnation as he was Dashrath’s       son and ruled for the above specified time.

Ø  When protecting Vishwamitra’s Yagya, he killed every demon but Mareech and thrashed him      towards south. Why he did so when there was no need to spare him; it was his first step towards 'Mission Lanka' and Mareech was the puppet.

Ø  While returning after the Ram-Sita vivah, when Parshuram confronted Shri Ram and challenged him to launch the great Vaishnav-bow, the latter not only lifted the bow but also took the Vaishnav-aura from Parshuram. Until now Parshuram was not ready to accept the Vaishnav-factor of Ram.  Faded, Parshuram recognized Bhagwan Vishnu in him and apologized as well as prayed to him.

Ø  We know about Ahilya’s story, sage Gautam cursed her to be in an invisible form for thousands of years, way before Ram’s birth. But like other profound sages he knew about the prophecy that Bhagwan Vishnu will incarnate as Shri Ram and so opened a way for Ahilya’s salvation and announced; when Shri Ram will enter the hermitage, she would be free of the curse.

Looking at the above mentioned points, one can be doubt free of Ram’s divinity, my future posts will have further illustrations that will be an add on to this topic.


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